20 Reasons Why I Won’t Give You 20 Tips For Being In Your 20s

Thought Catalog

It’s 2014. I’ve spent the last week starting my year off as strong as possible with playoff football, exercise, great sex and cuddles, a new (thrift store) restored bass to learn how to play, and an updated list of goals and aspirations, both short and long term. I have multiple article ideas in various stages of development from notes in the tablet I keep in my purse and paragraphs in text documents that are just sort of drifting out at sea with the destination barely in sight. My brainstorming has been frequent, but this past week I’ve found myself thinking about words more than typing or writing them. I decided to start the year out with this piece because January is the month infamous for resolutions. I resolve to finish writing this tonight and it is 1:30am… “because reasons” (yes, Claire Robbins, that was for you).

1. I’m only halfway…

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