From the kitchen: Cranberry Pancakes & Brown Butter Cranberry Maple Syrup

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Cranberry Pancakes_002

Cranberry Pancakes_004

You guys. I found the pancakes of my dreams. Really. I’m in love. Like I want to marry this stack of flap jacks. Is that normal? No? You’re right. Fine. But these were like “take a bite – Mmmmmm out loud – do a happy dance like nobody’s watching” kind of delicious. They were light, fluffy, buttery, tart and just sweet enough. Even without syrup. But let’s talk about this syrup. Brown butter? Ever heard of it? It’s what fantasies are made of. It’s what spinach should be of. It’s what makes this maple syrup decadently amazing. But let’s not forget those cranberries! Those little ladies are the real star of this festive pancake syrup. They add a perfect balance of tartness to the already sweet maple syrup, and a gorgeous crimson color that is so inviting. Have I gushed enough? Are you convinced? Make these pancakes asap and be…

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