From the kitchen: Butternut squash, Brussels spouts & goat cheese galette

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You know what’s weird? Cooking in an unfamiliar kitchen – the sink is in the wrong place, the oven doesn’t seem to heat up just right, and none of my utensils, dishes or baking ware are around! Evan and I are currently living in temporary corporate housing until the end of the month, at which point we hope to be moved into our new house. In a way, it’s awesome because we didn’t have to rush to find a permanent place here in Richmond and it’s being paid for by his new company (which is probably most awesome of all). A month of free rent?! Yes, please! But what’s not awesome, is living out of moving boxes, not having all of the comforts of our own home and, for me in particular, having limited cooking supplies in the kitchen! I’m talking no vegetable peeler, no strainer, and only one knife!!…

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